Severn Trent celebrates World Water Day with Warwickshire Youngsters!

Friday 22nd March 2019

To help celebrate this year’s World Water Day, Severn Trent has been visiting schools across its region to teach students the importance of saving water.

The company ran a workshop at Harbury C of E Primary School in Leamington Spa, and now the youngsters are water saving champions!

Maxine Smith, who ran the workshop for Severn Trent said: “World Water Day is the perfect time for us to be talking about our wonderful water, and explaining why it’s such a precious resource that we all need to look after.

“The children made posters on how to save water, as well as taking part in our ‘Water Street’ workshop, which sees groups measuring out how much water each ‘family’ they’re given uses. We then see how much water they can save by giving them our handy water saving tips, which really showed them that with small actions, they can make big changes when it comes to saving water.”

Severn Trent wants to encourage everyone to consider small changes like swapping baths for showers, or fixing leaky loos, to help customers save water in the home.

“It’s always so much fun visiting schools and working with young children to teach them all about water,” adds Maxine. “Water is such a precious resource we really shouldn’t take for granted, so hopefully after today’s visit and with it being World Water Day, the children will share their water saving tips with their friends and family!”

Miss Kavanagh, Year one teacher said: ”I found the workshop really informative and child friendly. The children gained an understanding of how to save water and the process of the water cycle!”

Maxine’s top water saving tips

•    Turn the tap off when brushing teeth, this can save nine litres of water;

•    Taking a quick shower instead of a bath, can save 40 litres of water;

•    Wash your car with a bucket and sponge, not a hosepipe – or just wash the windows, lights and mirrors; and

•    Watch out for a leaky loo – stuck buttons on dual flush toilets can waste hundreds of litres of water every day

• Get a water butt, and water your garden and flowers with the collected rainwater – they’re currently on special offer on our website at;