Severn Trent celebrates Refugee Week visiting Refugee Roots after awarding the charity with over £20,000 funding

Friday 18th June 2021

To help celebrate this year’s Refugee Week, Severn Trent’s Community Fund team visited Refugee Roots, where it’s provided funding to boost supporting the charity’s ‘A Place to Belong’ project.

Refugee Roots, a Nottinghamshire based charity that is dedicated in helping asylum seekers and refugees build relationships and support with building a new life in the UK, was awarded £22,800 to help support those seeking sanctuary. 

The charity say the Severn Trent funding is helping to improve wellbeing, provide health and guidance for refugees and asylum seekers, as well as training for volunteers to fully support those adjusting to life in Nottingham.

Sue Heyes, Community Fund Officer from Severn Trent said: “We all know just how difficult this year has been for everyone, let alone those who are seeking to start a new life in the UK, where they need to quickly adapt to a new way of living in the middle of a pandemic. That’s why, we’re proud to have been able to support with this worthwhile project, that’s truly making a difference and a positive impact on people’s lives.

“We created our community fund to support projects just like this, improving wellbeing in the communities that we serve. This amazing ‘A Place to Belong’ project will do just that, and it will help so many people who have came to the UK in need of a new start, and helping them adjust and settle in as best they can.”

With a grant from the Severn Trent Community Fund they have been able to train volunteers, 80 so far and support 45 participants in online English classes during the pandemic.

Adam Baker, Refugee Roots Charity Director said "I was thrilled to receive the positive news of the successful grant award. Knowing the impact it would have at a crucial time for us as a newly registered charity gave me such joy and expectation. How much more important this funding has been to us in the face of the pandemic cannot be underestimated. " 

Mohammad, a service user at Refugee Roots said: “I was feeling quite isolated…the hardest thing was being on my own. It’s been brilliant the help and support I have received from Refugee Roots and their volunteers, it’s been tremendous. Refugee Roots helped me practically, with my wellbeing and my confidence”

Severn Trent recently released its first Community Fund Review, where it shared that it’s awarded a total of £276,766  to 57 organisations across Nottinghamshire from April 2020 to April 2021.

The Severn Trent Community Fund is overseen by an independent Panel, made up of Severn Trent customers, who review applications and who decide where the money goes.

From 2020 it is committed to awarding more than £10m over 5 years to support local charity and community groups to help support projects and ideas that improve wellbeing across three key themes – People, Place and Environment.