Severn Trent brings its Wonderful Water Tour to Malvern’s Three Counties Showground

Thursday 20th June 2019

Water and waste company, Severn Trent made an appearance at this year’s Three Counties Showground event, as it brought its Wonderful Water Tour to Malvern.

The popular Worcestershire event last weekend welcomed over 90,000 visitors, and was an opportunity for Severn Trent to bring its two interactive education buses to life.

Dave Cork, Senior Education Officer for Severn Trent said: “We had such a fantastic time at the Three Counties Showground, even the weather didn’t put us off having a great time!

“The education buses were really popular, and over the three days we saw almost 400 children where we talked to them all about water, where it comes from and why it’s so important we look after it. The best thing is that just over half of those who came to see us, made us a promise to help do their bit by saving water.”

Severn Trent’s interactive education buses vehicles are a completely new experience in the sector and run alongside Severn Trent’s current education programme that already reaches more than 125,000 children every year. 

Made up of ‘The Digibus’ and ‘The Experibus’, the roadshow uses cutting edge virtual reality technology, including the incredibly popular Minecraft game which allows children to get up close and personal with some of Severn Trent’s dams, sewers and reservoirs, to provide primary school children with an exciting, digital, hands-on experience where they can learn about water efficiency, sewer misuse and the importance of hydration.

“This is our second time at the Three Counties Showground, and hopefully we’ll be back again where we’ll be able to inspire and encourage children to think about water, and do their bit in looking after this precious resource,” adds Dave. “We believe that small changes can really make big differences, so the buses are the perfect opportunity to teach little minds to get into those great habits early, so they can have a positive impact on the future - while having fun at the same time!”

Severn Trent’s Wonderful Water Tour is aiming to reach every primary school in its region, and this year so far the education team has delivered our key education messages to over 25,000 children across the Severn Trent region.

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