Severn Trent begin work to upgrade water pipes in Huthwaite

Thursday 6th June 2019

Severn Trent has begun essential work to upgrade water pipes in Huthwaite, ensuring residents in the area continue to enjoy a reliable water supply.

Engineers are replacing 500 metres of old water pipes with brand new ones along Chesterfield Road, which is expected to be complete by the middle of July.

The two month project, which started last week, will reduce the risk of leaks and burst pipes in the future and ensure a reliable water supply for generations to come.

To carry out this vital work, temporary traffic lights will be put in place along Chesterfield Road, between the junction of Clegg Hill Drive and Main Street, in order to keep workers, pedestrians and road users safe. There will also be a temporary road closure on Market Street as work progresses on the project.

Lisa Orme from Severn Trent, said: “As water pipes get old, they can become weaker and crack, making them prone to leaks and bursts.  We want to make sure our customers’ water supply in the area is always there when they need it, which is why we’re investing £110,000 to lay brand new water pipes along Chesterfield Road in Huthwaite.

“This work is really important to make sure that water supplies for our customers are reliable going forward. We’re doing all we can to help minimise disruption and keep everyone affected up-to-date with progress.

“We’re asking the local community for their continued patience while we put the new pipes in place.  But once all of the work is complete, the area will have a modern water network that will provide wonderful water for many years to come.”