Severn Trent backs up sustainability ambition with delivery, as highlighted in latest report

Thursday 22 June 2023

The world’s first waste water, Net Zero Hub, a 10 year commitment to help 100,000 out of poverty, an additional £30m package to help more customers paying their bill, over 7,000 ha of Biodiversity delivered and nearly 700,000 trees’ planted while also launching the industry leading Get River Positive pledges to improve its regions rivers – are just some of the highlights shared from Severn Trent’s 2023 Sustainability Report released today (22 June 2023).

The report focuses on the company’s role as a responsible business delivering environmental and societal improvements, describing the journey they are on in an open, transparent and engaging way. With increasing climate pressures, cost of living challenges, and with 6% of its population living in water poverty – the Midlands FTSE 100 company is proud to share how it is positively contributing to its communities.

Rich Eadie, Head of Corporate Strategy, Sustainability and Group Transformation at Severn Trent said: “There’s never been a greater sense of urgency to deliver environmental and societal change, as we look to protect the world we live in and help solve some of the most relevant issues for our communities, such as employment and poverty.

“I’m proud of the achievements we’ve made this year, delivering some industry leading and transformative milestones that look set to not only support our own sustainability efforts but open up much needed collaborative relationships on some of our regions toughest issues. We have proven that with the right level of focus and ambition, then businesses can really have a positive impact in areas where it is needed most. This year’s Sustainability Report has a deliberately strong theme of delivery throughout mirroring the maturity that is needed to increase the pace on sustainable change. Our role in the community is much more than just a water company, and this report brings together the process, action and positive impact behind the commitments.”

The report also focusses on its environmental progress, and achievements, that include

    £320m invested in environmental sustainability.

    Kicked off our programme to secure water supplies for the future, increasing water supplies by 89 million litres a day.

    Nearly 700,000 trees planted, with a target of 1.3m by 2030

    Exceeded our target to improve 5,000 hectares of land by 2027, and improved over 7,000 hectares.

    On target to be using 100% renewable energy by 2030, currently at 83%.

    Announced the transformation one of our waste water treatment sites into the worlds first Net Zero Hub.

    Big progress on our Get River Positive pledges:

                   Established our Get River Positive Independent Advisory Panel with the objective of helping to oversee, and maximise, the progress our campaigns will deliver

                   Reduce our impact on rivers from 24% to 16%

                   Community Fund awarded over £278,000 since 2022 to projects that have a positive impact on rivers

For its communities and customers it has:

    Increased it’s support for customers by a £30m package to help an additional 100,000 with paying their water bill.

    Is supporting over 237,000 customers financially and is on track to be supporting 315,000 in 2025.

    Launched a ten-year programme to support 100,000 people in, or at risk of water poverty, and giving them the tools to improve life chances, including 500 work experience placements for school children and free employability training.

    Engaged with 8,479 young people, raising the profile of careers in the water industry.

    Partnered with Trailblazers, to provide mentoring to young men in prison, and post release.

This is a snapshot of the progress and successes over the last year – the full report can be accessed here.