Severn Trent awards Nottingham-based environmental enterprise £7,4000 grant 

24th October 2022

Severn Trent has donated a grant of over £7,400 to Nottingham-based non-profit organisation, The Urban Worm, from its Community Fund. 

The Urban Worm is an environmental enterprise that promotes the power of worm farming to provide sustainable solutions for organic waste management and organic gardening.  The organisation delivers educational workshops for schools, community groups and businesses, raising awareness about the benefits of worm farming to reduce landfill. 

The funding will be put towards the creation of 11 Worm Farm Benches, each of which contains a viewing window that allows people to see the worms at work, breaking down organic waste and converting it into nutrient-rich compost.  

Designed by a local Nottingham artist, the benches will be built by volunteers as part of Age UK’s Men in Sheds project, with 10 benches to be donated to local schools, community groups and NHS Services 

Anna de la Vega, The Urban Worm, said: “Many people are deterred from composting their organic waste due to the fear of unwanted visitors, but worm farming is practiced in a closed environment and is an odourless and efficient method of composting onsite.   

“Reducing the need and use of harmful synthetic fertilisers and pesticides directly improves the health of the local community and worm farming can reduce landfill while acting as a sustainable source of nutrient-rich organic fertiliser. 

“Worms are great organic waste managers, consuming up to half their bodyweight a day and converting it into the world’s most nutrient rich organic fertiliser and compost. One tablespoon of worm manure will feed a plant for 3 months and growing produce in nutrient-rich fertiliser produces crops that have higher nutrient contents, which are great for physical health and wellbeing.” 

Sue Heyes, Community Fund Officer at Severn Trent, said: “It is fantastic that we have been able to continue to support some truly outstanding and really unique community-focused projects like The Urban Worm. We are always keen to hear from groups or organisations that are seeking funding for projects that can make a real, tangible difference to their communities and we recommend that they get in touch to see if they can benefit from a share of the Community Fund.” 

For more information on the Severn Trent Community Fund and to find out how to make an application visit: