Severn Trent awarded top environmental grade

2nd October 2020

Severn Trent today welcomed the news that it has been awarded a 4* rating by the Environment Agency, the regulator’s top grade for environmental performance.

The Midlands-based water company is one of just two businesses to be recognised with the top grade for its performance against a range of measures in 2019.
Liv Garfield, Severn Trent Chief Executive, said: “This is fabulous news given how hard we’ve been working to do the best job we can for our customers and for the environment. We know how much impact we can have on the environment as a business and we have worked extremely hard to minimise that.
“But, as well as minimising our impact, we also want to do what we can to enhance nature and combat climate change, which is why we’ve signed up to complete the triple carbon pledge – to have net zero carbon emissions, 100% renewable energy and an all-electric fleet by 2030 – as well as launching our Great Big Nature Boost which aims to improve biodiversity across the Midlands.
“Getting the top grade is always a great feeling, especially as we know, by getting it, we’re doing the right thing by our customers and for the communities in which we live and work.”
Some examples of the work Severn Trent has been undertaking to deliver a positive environmental performance include:

  • Using advanced models to predict where pollutions might happen and taking action before they do;
  • Implementing improved supply chain logistics and response to get pumps replaced faster if they break;
  • Working with over 3,000 take away establishments to make sure they have grease traps installed to prevent blocking sewers and causing pollutions; and
  • Investing in our own rapid response team and equipment to quickly catch any pollutions, on the rare occasions they happen, and contain their impact.

Severn Trent also received the top rating in 2013, 2015 and 2017.