Severn Trent asks visitors to show care at its sites

Thursday 2nd July 2020

Severn Trent is asking visitors to tidy up after themselves and park responsibly when they’re visiting its reservoirs.

The company has noticed a rise in litter being left behind at its popular visitor sites, as well as continued problems with dangerous parking since reopening again in June.

Last week alone, Severn Trent rangers and volunteers spent over 250 hours picking up enough rubbish to fill over 10 large skips across all of the sites, so people are being urged to use the bins provided or take their rubbish home with them.

Donna Marshall, Senior Visitor Engagement Officer says: “It’s been great to be able welcome everybody back again, but the amount of litter that’s being left behind is really upsetting to see, as well as continued reports of dangerous parking in the nearby areas.

“We want everyone who visits us to enjoy themselves and be safe, so we need people to use the bins provided, or preferably just take their rubbish with them and not leave it. Not only can this be harmful to wildlife, but seeing piles of rubbish can really ruin the experience for others. We also want people to respect the local community, so if the car parks are full then turn back and head home, instead of parking on neighbouring roads or verges which can be extremely dangerous.”

Severn Trent reopened its visitor sites in June, after closing to help limit the spread of coronavirus and has since introduced new measures across sites to help keep people safe when visiting.

The company is asking visitors to maintain social distancing and limiting the number of visitors each day, by closing car parks when the site becomes busy. 

“The increase in visitors has overwhelmed roads in the surrounding areas of our sites, where parked cars have blocked access for nearby residents. This is understandably frustrating, but also dangerous if cars are left anywhere they shouldn’t be. So, we’re asking everyone to be more considerate and turn back if our car park has been closed.

“We’d be extremely grateful for everyone’s cooperation, which will help us to maintain safe distancing between visitors, keeping our sites looking clean and litter-free and also protecting the needs of the local community,” adds Donna. “If we all showed a bit more care, then the site can be fully enjoyed by everyone.”

All current information on visitor sites can be found here