Severn Trent and business water retail partner Water Plus saves Leicester business up to £6,000 a year

Monday 18th September 2023

Ibis Budget is one of many Water Plus business customers in Leicestershire now saving thousands of pounds, thanks to Severn Trent‘s free, water business efficiency audit programme. 

Now the company is encouraging more businesses across Leicestershire to take advantage of the programme – and get to know more about how they use water at their site during the year, to save both vital water resources and money. 

The business water efficiency audit programme is one of six ambitious and large-scale Severn Trent Green Recovery projects and provides businesses across the county with free water audits, advice, products, and repairs. 

Severn Trent, working with business water retail partner Water Plus, deliver the audits free of charge, with one of the latest businesses to benefit being the Ibis Budget Hotel at Leicester North Services.  

After a full, free audit and check of services, carried out by the Water Plus team, it was found that a staggering 50% of water being used at the hotel, could be cut-out across the business, saving more than 6,400 litres of water a day. It means they could now save up to £6,000 a year. 

Expert water technicians carried out an analysis on how water was used and reviewed how all showers, taps and toilets were used across the premises. Water Plus then supplied and installed free products, funded by Severn Trent, to help save water. 

Tony Zucker, Director at BZP Hotels Ltd, which manages the hotel, said: “Once the audit was completed, a water meter reader was fitted followed by the installation of a series of water saving products - the technicians were highly professional and efficient.

“Because of the products fitted at the property, it is predicted that the hotel could see a saving of around £6,000 per annum. Overall, we were happy with the visit and feel that the water audits are beneficial to support business customers. We’re now looking at our sister hotel to see what savings can be made there too.” 

Sophie Evans-Young, Customer Demand Lead at Severn Trent, said: “The last few years have been tough on local businesses, and we want to help. That’s why we’re offering local businesses free water audits and water saving solutions to help detect and resolve issues that could be costing your business money – a leaky loo, for example, can waste up to 400 litres of water every day, meaning businesses can be wasting money on water that they’re not actually using.

As part of the audit, our partner Water Plus will monitor your business’s current water usage and provide personalised water saving advice, tailored to your business. Then we’ll arrange to fit water saving devices, replace any old fixtures and fittings, and identify opportunities to fix leaks – and we’ll do it for free. So please get in touch with us.”  

Scott MacIndeor, Head of Advanced Services at business water retailer Water Plus, said: “Looking closer at your water use at your site and your consumption data during the year is worth the time, to help lower the amount you’re spending on water, cut energy use and help reduce impacts on the environment. So, it’s important for all organisations – large and small - to regularly check their water use. 

Small, low-cost things like tap aerators can cut hot water and cold water use. If less water needs heating, then less energy needs to be used - so there are less carbon emissions, unless your power is from 100% certified renewable energy already. 

“We work with businesses across Leicestershire and other counties, so it’s great to be delivering more water efficiency kit and savings for businesses on a much wider scale, working with Severn Trent - so we can all make the most of the water we all use and have access to.”

The water efficiency kit was installed through Water Plus at the Ibis Budget Hotel in May 2023, after an initial site audit in October 2022. Meter reads were taken in 2023, post install, to track water savings being seen in 2023. 

Businesses can find out more about the programme and register their interest here.