Schoolkids learn all about Wonderful World of Water from Severn Trent

22nd March 2024

Schoolkids were flushed with success after being given a thrilling glimpse into the Wonderful World of Water by Severn Trent – including learning what NOT to put down the toilet.

Pupils at Holy Redeemer Catholic Primary School in Pershore, Worcestershire, were treated to a ‘Super Sewers’ special assembly, before taking part in fun, interactive workshops.

The water company’s education team shone a light on how putting the wrong thing down the toilet, including wet wipes, can lead to sewer blockages, which can in turn cause giant fatbergs.

And the inquisitive kids were also given a chance to fix a mocked-up burst pipe, as well as learning about the science of ensuring water quality.

The Severn Trent team has spoken to more than 150,000 primary and secondary school children since April last year to give an insight into the water company and its efforts to help the environment.

They are often accompanied by two buses; The Digibus, which offers an immersive digital experience of the water industry, including animated videos and a fun quiz; and the Experibus, where kids can imagine themselves as a scientist, engineer, or call centre operative to learn what it’s like to work in the water industry.

Rob Jansen, Education Officer, said: “We were delighted to be invited to talk to pupils at Holy Redeemer who seemed to really enjoy the assembly and workshops – particular the gross parts!

“We are passing on important messages to the next generation, including that only the three Ps should be pushed down the loo; poo, pee and paper.

“The kids were also given the chance to try their hand at being a real-life Severn Trent workers by fixing a model of a ‘burst pipe’ set up on the playground. And they all did an amazing job!”

Holy Redeemer Catholic Primary School later posted its appreciation for the visit on social media. “Thank you Severn Trent for a fantastic morning of learning,” it said. “It was a great way to learn about our responsibility to the planet.”

Severn Trent’s education team have visited almost 900 schools across the region since last April, talking to more than 9,400 pupils in Worcestershire.

The team can bring the Wonderful World of Water to Life to your school through assemblies, workshops and its two amazing interactive buses which are also available for community and local events. For more information, email