Schoolchildren can explore the fascinating world of water

19th April 2024

Schoolchildren are being given the chance to explore the fascinating world of water, learn where it comes from and how it gets into homes.

With schools now back in action after the holidays, teachers are being urged to get in touch with Severn Trent’s Education Team and book their spot for the free-of-charge and interactive workshop.

This comes as the water company’s Education Team, which visits schools across the region to teach children all about water, the sewers and the work that goes into caring for them, will be getting out and about with a brand-new topic for primary schools.

‘The Wonderful World of Water’ ensures that children and young people know all about water efficiency, along with providing a host of tips that can help to save water at home.

The team of educators, many of which are former schoolteachers, have designed new engaging assemblies that bring to life the reasons why everyone needs to look after our water, ways everyone can help in the home and shed a light on water issues including climate change. 

The new sessions are already proving popular as more than 43,000 schoolchildren are booked on, but there is plenty of space for more and schools can get in touch now.

Maxine Smith, Senior Education Officer at Severn Trent said: “We’re super excited to be launching our new topic Our Wonderful World of Water. The workshops are designed to be fun and interactive and cover the water cycle, how our water is cleaned and gift youngsters a chance to find out about all the work Severn Trent does.”

Previously the Education Team had been encouraging schools to discover more about where sewage comes from and how best to look after the sewer network with our ‘Super Sewers’ assembly.

The ‘Super Sewers’ topic continues to run for secondary schools and is also an interactive session aimed at being fun and informative for an older age range.

Maxine added: “We’ve ensured that kids can help put the water lessons they learn into practice by each receiving a water workbook that they can take home and there’s even a catchy song about saving water they can enjoy. We would urge interested schools or parents who would like to get a school involved to get in touch.” 

To book a session or to find out more about the free school workshops or assemblies, visit Severn Trent’s learning zone at