Our water pipe replacement work in Derby finishes early

We've finished the most recent phase of our £11 million investment in the Stenson area of the city a week early and in time for Christmas.

We've been working to upgrade our water pipe network, meaning those living in Derby can have a reliable water supply for the future.

Helen Purdy said: “We’re pleased to say that despite, some difficulties, our team have now completed the work on Stenson Road in Derby, not only a week
early, but in time for Christmas too, so we’re not in the way of all that last minute Christmas shopping.

“We’d like to thank the local residents for their patience and understanding as we know it’s been a difficult time, with local flooding issues coinciding with the work.  However it was essential that we did this work to make sure our network is in the best possible condition, as this means less bursts and problems and makes sure that water is always there when
our customers need it the most.

“The work is all finished and people living in Stenson now have a modern, reliable water network that will last for generations.”