New water pipes for Quorn

The village of Quorn is set to get brand new water pipes as part of our £13.5m investment in Leicestershire.

Lisa Orme, from our community team, explains: “Every so often we need to replace old water pipes. That’s because the risk of pipe bursting or leaking increases as the years pass – and we’re really keen to avoid the inconvenience this causes for our customers.  So we’ll be investing £250,000 to replace the old water pipes on Chaveney Road and Woodhouse Road with brand new ones.”

The work starts this week (week commencing 1 April) on Chaveney Road near Chaveney Walk and will gradually progress onto Woodhouse Road to the Warwick Avenue junction by the
end of June.  Traffic lights will be used throughout the work at various places to keep the traffic flowing and also to keep local people and workers safe.

Lisa continued: “We know when we carry out work that it can be disruptive to our customers, and we’re always checking to make sure we’re working in the least troublesome way.  We’re working closely with both Great Central Railway and the local council as they have big events during the time our work will be happening.  So we’ll be clearing our work site whilst these events take place so that we don’t get in the way.

“We really appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as our investment into improving the water pipes starts in Quorn, and across Leicestershire – we know that there will inevitably be some disruption to the local area and we apologise for this in advance.  We really will do everything we can to get the work done as quickly and efficiently as we can.  And when we’ve fully finished the project, the area will benefit from miles of new water pipes that will bring wonderful water to the communities for years to come.”