New report shows Severn Trent customers feel they get value for money and are more satisfied with their water than ever before

30 June 2017

The Consumer Council for Water (CCWater), which is the independent voice for water consumers in England and Wales, has just released its Water Matters report which gives customers the chance to have their say about the water industry.

The report, which is available here, was produced after more than 5,000 customers were surveyed across England and Wales.

Among the highlights for Severn Trent, which offers its 4.5m customers the lowest average combined bills in Britain, are:

  • 95% of our customers are satisfied with the water we supply, up from 90% in 2012;
  • 78% of our customers believe we’re value for money for our clean water services, up from 71% in 2012;
  • 80% of our customers believe we’re value for money for our sewerage services, up from 73% in 2012;
  • Severn Trent is the only company that supplies clean and waste water services to customers where customer perception of fairness of charges has improved significantly over the last five years; and
  • 83% of our customers are confident in the long-term supply of their water which is significantly higher than some other water companies.

Sarah Bentley, Chief Customer Officer at Severn Trent, said: “We're delighted that our customers feel we’re improving the services we provide, and also the price they pay for them. We’re always working hard to ensure we provide best value services that are affordable for all. We’re therefore proud to still have the lowest average combined bills in Britain at less than £1 a day.

“We also recognise that when customers face financial hardship or a challenging period in their lives, £1 a day can still feel like a huge struggle which is why we also offer support to more than 50,000 of our customers each year who are struggling to pay their bills.

“There’s always more we can do for our customers though, and we’re constantly looking to improve what we do, which is why we’re investing the equivalent of £1,400 for every customer we serve in the five years to 2020 to make our services even more reliable and even better quality.”