New £32m pipeline to boost water supply for customers in North Nottinghamshire 

Friday 15 December 2023

A new £32m pipeline project is set to boost water supplies for Severn Trent customers in North Nottinghamshire.

The water company has announced the construction of a new 16km pipeline that will link the Derwent Valley Aqueduct to Strelley Reservoir to the west of Nottingham, and Redhill Reservoir in the north-east of the city.

The new pipeline, which will be slightly wider in diameter than the size of a wheel on an adult bike, will boost the resilience of the network by providing up to an extra 25 million litres of water per day to the area, the equivalent of over 130,000 full bathtubs. 

This will enable Severn Trent to reduce the amount of water it takes from boreholes and allow them to take more water from reservoirs in the future, accounting for changes in demand which could be caused by population growth or warmer weather.

The pipeline is one of the biggest projects that Severn Trent will be starting in 2024. 

Severn Trent project manager, Neil Russell, said: “The new pipeline will be a great addition to our water supply network, securing a continuous supply of water to thousands of households in North Nottinghamshire and future proofing the network against any increases in demand.  

“With the effects of climate change and population growth, it’s never been as important to continue to invest in this way for our customers. We’ve also made a commitment to reduce our dependency on boreholes because of the long-term impact these can have on the environment.

“It is a project where the general public may not even notice the main benefits, and that’s the whole point in a weird way - our customers turn on their taps to receive our wonderful water and this project will make sure they can continue to do this for many years to come. It will always be there for them.”

Work is set to start in January, with Severn Trent using technology such as tunnel boring machines where possible so they can lay pipes within tunnels beneath busy areas such as the A610 and the railway near to Hucknall. 

Neil added: “During this two-year project, it is our priority to keep traffic disruption to a minimum for everyone where possible – using equipment such as tunnel boring machines to complete this work as quickly, and as safely as possible.

“Much of the route will be through private rather than public land, and our roadworks will only take place on or near main highways where absolutely necessary, ensuring we deliver this important project to our customers with minimal disruption.”

Severn Trent will be working with utilities infrastructure and engineering services company Avove to deliver this project. The company has been working alongside Severn Trent for several months to identify opportunities and efficiencies along the pipeline route to minimise disruption and deliver sustainable and cost-effective solutions.

Avove’s project team will work to minimise the impact on the local community and improve biodiversity, and throughout the project, they will keep customers updated on progress being made, and any drop-in sessions taking place before work starts in each area.

Avove’s Account Manager, Carl Hobbs, said: “We are delighted to have been selected to maintain Severn Trent’s critical water network across North Nottingham. This contract award is a testament to our collaborative, innovative and sustainable approach which allows us to safely deliver essential services across the region.

“We will work closely with the Severn Trent team to ensure customers are kept up to date and that we leave a positive legacy in the local community.”