Making water supplies more resilient in Nuneaton

Following the recent burst pipes in Nuneaton, especially in the Gipsy Lane area, we've spent the Christmas period working hard to make things better for our customers, without
anyone even noticing.

Trevor Moseley, Team Manager for Warwickshire, explains: “When a pipe bursts, we need to find the nearest valves, and turn them to switch off the water flowing into the broken pipe.  Once the water is switched off, we can then get in and do the repair.  Unfortunately, any homes or businesses supplied from the bit of pipe between those valves will lose their water supply while we fix the burst, and we know what a huge issue this will be for people.  In Nuneaton, the valves were really far apart and so when the pipes burst, there were quite a few homes that ended up without water while we were doing repairs.  We’re really sorry for any inconvenience that our customers have had recently and we want to do everything we can to help.

“To stop this from happening in the future, we worked hard in the run up to Christmas to install new valves at various locations, which means that we no longer need to have so many homes affected if there are any issues in future.  The work we’ve done means that around 4000 homes will no longer be at risk, which is great news.  And we wanted to get the work done before Christmas to make sure people didn’t have their big day ruined if anything did happen.”

Luckily, nothing did go wrong and everyone in Nuneaton should have had plenty of water to cook the sprouts.