Love your butt this valentine’s day

It may be cold outside and thoughts of summer and sunshine are a long way off, but now is the perfect time to ‘Love your Butt’.  Valentine’s Day may not traditionally inspire you to think of water butts, but getting one now means that you can catch the spring showers to use later when the hot dry weather finally arrives. 

Doug Clarke, water efficiency manager, explains: “We’re all aware of how changeable the weather has been lately, and we all know just how incredibly hot and dry last summer was.  So we always need to be prepared, whatever the weather, and a water butt can help you do just that. It will collect rainwater when it does rain which you can use to water your garden and plants during drier spells, thus avoiding using essential drinking water to keep your grass green.

“It could even make the perfect valentines gift – not the most romantic admittedly, but a great present for keen gardeners. It will save water and could save money off water bills in the long term.

“The more steps we can all take now – by doing something as simple as getting a water butt – then the better placed we will be to use less drinking water if we get another incredibly dry summer.”

Water butts can be picked up at a garden centre and are also available here at discounted prices. There are also lots of other water saving devices that you can get for free.