Local school gets £1000 worth of books

As a thank you for their patience during some work in the area, we have donated £1000 towards new books for Burlish Park Primary School.

We first began working with the Burlish Top community back in 2015, when we visited the area to carry out investigations as part of the Birmingham Resilience Project which will provide a second water source for Birmingham via a 16 mile pipeline from the River Severn.

Janine Billington, community officer, said: “The work we’ve been doing in Burlish Top has been going on for a long time, and although we’ve done everything we can, working closely with the local community, we know that some disruption is inevitable.  So we wanted to do something to say thank you for everyone’s patience.  A huge percentage of the parents from Burlish Primary School live on and around Burlish Top nature reserve, where we’ve been doing lots of work for a long time.  We were told that the library at the school could do with some new resources, and we decided to help.

“We’re delighted to have been able to donate £1000 towards new books.  We hope this will help the children with their learning, make homework projects easier and encourage the children to enjoy reading.”

We also donated copies of its book, ‘Arthur and the Genie of the Tap’, which explains in a fun and child friendly way, how water comes all the way from Wales, down the Elan Valley Aqueduct through Romsley to Birmingham, and all about the Birmingham Resilience Project.

Headteacher, Mrs Kerry Postans, added: “We would like to thank Severn Trent for their generous donation of £1000. We have worked hard to make our school library an inviting place where children can enjoy the range of books on offer. The donation will help us replenish our non-fiction section which will benefit our children’s learning and enjoyment of reading.”