Local MP visits Loughborough Sewage Works

Jane Hunt, Conservative MP for Loughborough has visited our Loughborough Sewage Treatment Works to see first-hand what happens to all of the waste from the town.

SteveBriggs, Waste Water Manager, said: “It was an absolute pleasure to show Jane around the site – we love it when people come to see what we do to make all of the region’s waste water clean again.  It was a great opportunity to talk about the work that we’re doing and to explain the issues that we have both out in the network and at the works when people flush fat and wipes.  

“We explained that when things that really aren’t supposed to be flushed (despite what it says on the labels) are sent into the sewer pipes via the toilet or kitchen sink, they can easily get stuck and block the pipes.  Fat simply solidifies in the pipes, and wipes get stuck in it, causing what are now known as ‘fatbergs’ which block the pipes.

“Sewer blockages can lead to the pipes overflowing and causing damage to the environment or even flooding into people’s homes, and no-one wants that.  We just ask people to put any leftover fat, and any wipes into the bin rather than flushing them.”

Jane was suitably impressed with the site and echoed our message to customers: “Please remember not to put items like baby wipes and cotton buds down the toilet (not to mention large amounts of cooking fat). They clog up the system and take time and money to extract, then go straight to landfill.  Just put them in the bin instead.”