How virtual reality is helping Derby locals find work

Wednesday 15th November 2023

With Severn Trent and Derby City Council’s ‘Big Boost for Derby’ around the corner, Severn Trent is sharing how people can benefit from its virtual reality sessions to help them land a job.  

Along with hundreds of jobs and employment opportunities on the day, the local water company and one of Derby’s big employers, is also providing on the spot interview practice using virtual reality headsets. 

The clever technology allows for job seekers to practice their interview technique in a safe environment and get on the spot feedback with a variety of difference scenarios. Helping to increase people’s confidence and techniques when it comes to job interviews. 

The collaborative jobs fair taking place on Wednesday 22nd November at Pride Park Stadium between 10am and 2pm, will see Severn Trent and Derby City Council joined by the likes of National Trust, Rolls Royce and Trent Barton. 

It will also have a ‘Learning Zone’ with free employability workshops, including the virtual reality headsets and one to one CV support to help more people feel job ready. 

Justin Maggs, Learning and Development lead at Severn Trent said: “We’re looking forward to bringing our virtual reality training to Derby so people can really immerse themselves in interview practice and get valuable feedback, on both their responses and how they give them, for example the language used and if too many ‘filler’ words are said.

“It works by the interviewee stating what job they would like to apply for and they then face questions based on their answers. It’s fantastic technology which is fun and exciting to use but will also provide valuable experience of a job interview for people in a comfortable virtual environment." 

Severn Trent has been working in Normanton in Derby over the past year, delivering skills and training while understanding the needs of those living in the community. 

It’s now hoping the jobs fair will help connect communities to the jobs and opportunities available, and the learning zone and virtual reality sessions is one way to help boost skills in the area. 

“We get that interviews and meeting employers is a little daunting, especially those who have been out of work a while, so our sessions are about helping people take the steps they need to feel comfortable to apply, or speak to employers,” adds Justin. “With our event being half jobs, half learning, there is something for everyone at whatever stage they are at. We’d really encourage those local to the area to come meet us and the team as hopefully it can help with people landing their perfect job or increase their own skills.”

The ‘Big Boost for Derby’ also comes after Severn Trent recently announced it will be creating 7,000 jobs for the Midlands as it announced a £12.9bn investment for the region for 2025-2030.

On the day there will be hiring managers from the jobs the company has available right now in Derby as well language interpreters to help anyone looking for a job where English isn’t their first language.

Anyone wanting to attend the event, can register for free over at Eventbrite here: