Help available for thousands of people as Severn Trent and Kidney Care UK raise awareness on World Kidney Day

Thursday 14 March 2024

1 in 10 people have chronic kidney disease (CKD) and across the Midlands – that’s a huge 260,000 people.

Being diagnosed with chronic kidney disease could mean a huge life change, not only financially, but also to the level of support someone needs as they go through treatment, to also managing their increased water and energy use – often needed to power life-saving equipment such as a dialysis.

Now for World Kidney Day (14 March), Severn Trent wants to raise awareness of the help available for customers, with the support of partners, Kidney Care UK, the UK's leading kidney patient support charity.

The company is urging anyone who is living with CKD in Shropshire to contact Severn Trent to see if they are able to reduce their water bill costs, if they can be added to the Priority Services Register, and also to benefit from additional support provided by Kidney Care UK.

Across Shropshire, over 31,000 people are already benefitting from the company’s financial support, or priority service register. The register allows the company to know who requires additional, tailored support – including medical conditions so customers can be better supported with their needs.

As part of the partnership, Sonia Kainth, External Relations Advisor at Severn Trent, visits hospitals to meet those directly impacted with kidney disease, to help see what additional help is available to them from the water company.

Speaking of one person she helped she said: “I was able to talk to someone who had been diagnosed and take them through our affordability schemes in detail. We agreed applying for the Big Difference Scheme would be best, and to save them the added worry of applying for the scheme, I helped them log into their Universal Credit account and send us his proof of income. This resulted in receiving a 70% discount off the water bill, and being added to our Priority Services Register, meaning a more tailored service suiting their needs and making things that little bit easier.”

Laurie Cuthbert, Director of Fundraising, Marketing and Communications at Kidney Care UK, said: “We are pleased to be working in partnership with Severn Trent to help support more of the 260,000 people living with chronic kidney disease in the region. We’ve already seen the impact of the partnership when visiting units and hospitals and speaking to people on dialysis, but there is always more that can be done. If you’re a Severn Trent customer and have kidney disease please get in touch with both Kidney Care UK and Severn Trent this World Kidney Day to see how both organisations can help.”

In a household where someone is on nocturnal dialysis at home, this can use as much as 7,502 litres a week, that works out as the equivalent of over 80 showers a week, on top of your average household water use.

Severn Trent wants to make sure that anyone with kidney disease, or any other medical conditions – explore the additional support available, as well as understanding if they’d also benefit or be eligible for financial support as well.

Mark Grice, External Relations Manager at Severn Trent said: “We’re committed to providing extra care to our customers, whether that’s with medical conditions or financially. Kidney Disease can have a great impact on people, and we know there’s thousands of our customers who need dialysis and kidney care.

“We’re hoping to raise vital awareness with our teams, customers and their families so we can have a greater understanding about kidney disease and make sure we have the right things in place to best support. I’d really encourage anyone, whether it’s for themselves or a family member or friend to look at the help available, as it really could make a difference.”

When on the Priority Services Register, if in the event of an issue with the water supply, Severn Trent will contact to make sure you have everything you need and are okay, as well as make sure any adjustments to your account are made, such as if someone is hard of hearing, or English is not a first language and or medical conditions. Customers can find out more about the financial support available, including full details of eligibility on how to join its Priority Services Register over at //