Get your butt ready for summer

It’s the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, and usually the time that people get out into the garden to start getting ready for the summer.  There’s the bedding plants to get in, and the shed to clear out, but what about taking a minute to think about water in the garden?  When we get a spring shower or two, you could collect that rainwater in a water butt - that way you can keep the garden watered all summer without using water from the tap.

Our reservoirs and other water sources are in a really healthy position and looking good for the summer ahead.   But we never know what’s next with the weather – look at last weekend when it was really hot.  And in fact, the average rainfall over the last few months has been less than average.  So we're also asking that we not be complacent and think about being ‘water wise’ in whatever we do – and the garden is a good place to start.

Marcus O’Kane, water resources manager explains: “It may seem crazy to be talking about saving water, especially this early in the year, but what if we get a long, hot, dry summer?  Most people would think that’s great, but we need to think long-term about our water usage.  We’re confident that our water resources are in the best possible position at the moment, and we don’t currently envisage any restrictions at all this summer.  However, if there’s even a chance that it’s going to be hot, then we need to get into good habits now.  With weather patterns the way they are lately, we never know what’s around the corner.

“The Bank Holiday weekend is the perfect time to start thinking about saving water in the garden.  The best way to keep the garden watered all summer without using water from the tap is by getting a water butt.  That’s a really easy thing that you can do, and we’ve got them on special offer on our website at the moment – a 100 litre butt for just £14.99 - at  We’ve also got a whole host of other ways to save water and there’s a series of short videos too.  One of those videos features our team of little helpers showing us why they think a water butt is the best idea at this time of year.”