Frogs climb new heights in Coventry thanks to Severn Trent 

Thursday 24 November 2022

Severn Trent teams have created a ladder for frogs inside a valve chamber at Allesley Oak Lane pumping station in Coventry, enabling the daring amphibians to make their own way out.   

Francisco Verenciano, Operational Technician at Severn Trent said: “Semi-aquatic animals can fall through floor grids into valve chambers - a hole in the ground where we have the valves for sewage pumps. It’s not uncommon for us to find them in there waiting to be rescued, so the team researched ways we could help and we thought we’d give frog ladders a go, and we’re really pleased that it’s worked.

“Its been in for two weeks week at our Allesley Oak Lane site and we’ve been lucky enough to watch the frogs use the ladder – which was a great moment! And because of how successful its been, we’re looking at alternatives, such as vertical netting, for other areas in our sites where ladders wouldn’t be as effective.”

Frog ladders are the latest creation Severn Trent teams have made to help nature around their sites. Last year, Severn Trent ecologists worked on an award-winning project at its Balsall Common treatment works in collaboration with Natural England to install an underground badger highway, stretching from one side of a road to another. 

The highway allows the badgers to safely leave the works underground to access their foraging grounds undisturbed – they are an important historic feature of the treatment works, as the sett is believed to be over 30 years old and home to at least ten badgers.