Foxes fans look to avoid the Champions League pressure with a nice cup of tea

17 March 2017

Unlike last year, when the people of Leicester celebrated the Premier League win by using 1.3 million bottles of champagne less water than normal, the team’s Champion’s League victory over Sevilla actually saw MORE water used.

Tuesday night’s win saw the equivalent of 4,000 extra baths being taken by local people – possibly because the pressure was too much or because they went for celebratory cups of tea rather than bottles of bubbly this time round.

Marcus O’Kane, from Severn Trent, said: “I’m a lifelong Foxes fan and, I have to admit, I was listening to the match while doing the washing up so I might’ve contributed to that extra usage.“I think everyone was just so relieved this time round that there was probably less champagne being drunk – after all, when we won the title in May last year we weren’t even playing so we could be a bit more relaxed about things."

It was a very different story in May last year when water consumption in the city was down a staggering one mega litre on the day Spurs drew with Chelsea, so handing the title to City.

“I can understand our customers wanted to calm their nerves with a cup of tea, or maybe trying to avoid the pressure by having a long hot bath or, like me, doing the washing up,” said Marcus.

“And, at less than £1 a day, our services are better value than alternative, more bubbly, options.”

The figures are based on water flows in 10 Severn Trent distribution areas across Leicestershire.As well as being more than a million bottles of champagne, one mega litre is also almost half the volume of an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

In fact, Severn Trent supplies the equivalent of 720 Olympic-sized swimming pools of water every day, or a staggering 1.8bn litres of drinking water each and every day of the year.