Firm fined for contamination of Worcester drinking water supply

Pure Water Environmental Services Limited, pleaded guilty to charges of the contamination of the drinking water supply to 83 residential apartments located at Diglis, Worcester at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court today (Friday 1st March). 

Lee Rawlings, Senior Water Fittings Technician, explains: “In July 2018, we received reports from customers of a water quality issue affecting a development of flats at Woodhouse Close, Diglis, Worcester. Customers were reporting a chemical taste and odour affecting their water.  Upon investigation, we traced the problem to a water tank on the private water supply system for the development.  Pure Water Environmental Services Limited had been carrying out works to re-seal the tank a few days before and the solvents used on the job had contaminated the water supply to the properties.

“Due to the water quality risk, we had to issue ‘Do Not Drink’ notices to 83 properties which remained in force for over a week while the issue was rectified and we sampled the supply to confirm that the water was fit for customers to drink.”

The company was order to pay £5776.94 (£2000 costs and £3776.94 in compensation) for breaches of the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999. 

Lee added: “We treat all water quality matters very seriously and we hope this case goes to show just how important it is for companies and individuals who install, repair and maintain plumbing systems that they have a legal responsibility to comply with Water Fitting Regulations.  This case is a prime example of poor workmanship which resulted in a significant contamination of a plumbing system.  It’s absolutely vital that we take this sort of legal action to protect water supplies for our customers, as well as recovering costs that, otherwise, our customers would have to bear.”

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