Derbyshire pupils top of class for Severn Trent!

15th May 2023

Gold stars all round for 18,500 Derbyshire school children, as they’ve committed to Severn Trent that they will either save water, drink more tap water and not flush the wrong things down the loo!

It comes after Severn Trent revealed that in the last year, it’s reached over 120,000 pupils after visiting 591 schools in the Midlands as part of its education programme.

The company’s education experience educates and inspires young people about the world of water and the environment, and encourages children to make a small commitment, such as saving water.

It’s unique, hands on and free interactive sessions range from teaching primary school children how to save water and what not to flush, to exploring the science of sewage and how poo turns into power with secondary school children.

Leanne Town, Derbyshire Education Officer at Severn Trent said: “We created our education experience to engage, inspire and amaze a new generation around water, as we help schools and teachers to bring to life the curriculum in a fun, interactive way.

“Our sessions are massively topical, ranging from climate change and saving water, how to prevent nasty sewer blockages at home by flushing only paper, poo and pee, to educating teenagers on the science of sewage, plastic pollutions and also giving valuable insights into careers and apprenticeships.

“Over 18,500 children in Derby have committed to making a little positive change for the environment following our sessions! And we know children love to share what they learn, so hopefully even more people are learning, and committing to make little positive changes that will benefit them, and others.

Of the schools visiting in Derby that were visited last year, it includes William Gilbert Primary School who said: “The assembly was excellent, the children were engaged and enthusiastic to take part. The content was age appropriate and topic to our eco- school award application.”

A parent from William Gilbert also added: “My daughter was telling me how long I should spend in the shower! She discussed various ways we can help save water.”

The company encourages any teachers or those working in schools, as well as parents to contact Severn Trent to get an educational experience booked in.

Leanne adds: “We’re looking to get our next year of bookings in, so we’d love to hear from more teachers and schools and work together on inspiring the next generation.”

Severn Trent’s education programme runs alongside it’s other plans for helping the region, such as its recently launched ambition plan to support 100,000 people in the Midlands to reach their full potential, which includes partnerships with schools.

After launching earlier this year in Normanton, Derby, the company is looking to take on 500 work experience placements a year, to provide opportunities and skills and training to young people supporting their future and helping them to continue to with education, training or employment when leaving school.

To book a free workshop or assembly or to explore Severn Trent’s learning zone where there’s online learning available for free, visit