Derbyshire park protected thanks to new pipes.

Thursday 19th January 2017

Severn Trent has started its £700,000 pipe replacement scheme this week in Alfreton Park and surrounding fields.

The scheme will see around a mile’s worth of old sewer pipe replaced in the Derbyshire Park as part of a scheme to help protect the local environment.

Graham Robinson, programme engineer from Severn Trent, says: “The older these pipes get the more likely they are to cause problems by bursting and potentially polluting the area, which is something we don’t want to ever see happen.“

Once we start work, we’ll be making sure the area is fenced off, and we’ve also planned the scheme so it avoids the protected trees in the park. Using sections of trenchless methods of working, means we’re massively reducing any impact on the environment and traffic as, instead of digging in the road, we’re working in the verges so allowing the roads to remain open.”

Severn Trent is the only water company to receive a top 4* from the Environment Agency for the past two years out of three, this is partly down to the company’s drive to invest in its infrastructure to improve the waste and water network in its region.

“We’re doing this work now so we can be all done and dusted and out of the way for the Summer months,” said Graham. “It’s vital that we do this work now, not only to protect the park from pollutions, but also to improve the local sewer system. Something that I’m sure everyone in the area can benefit from.”

Severn Trent contract partners NMC Nomenca will be carrying out the work that is expected to be completed in May.