Cyclists reminded to watch their speed during days out at Draycote Water

Tuesday 22 August

Severn Trent is reminding cyclists to stick with the speed limit while enjoying the scenery at Draycote Water.

The site is popular among people of all ages for cycling, walking and running but, after two recent incidents, the company wants to make sure the reservoir remains a safe place for everyone to visit.

Ranger Tom Crawford explains: “We have more than 500,000 visitors a year at Draycote Water, with a large number of those being cyclists who come to enjoy the path around the reservoir.

“The vast majority of these observe the 15mph speed limit and don’t cause us any problems but there have been a minority who have been seen going too fast on the path.“Unfortunately this has resulted in two recent collisions, both caused by excess speed, and we need to try and make sure that doesn’t happen again as we have a duty to keep people safe.

”The company has therefore taken the decision to install several speed bumps around the route during September to help remind cyclists and authorised drivers about the speed limits that are in place.

Tom continues: “The path is shared by walkers, runners and cyclists and we need to make sure they can all use it safely together.

“Hopefully the new speed bumps will help cyclists to remember to be responsible on their bikes so that Draycote Water can remain a brilliant, and safe, day out for everyone.”

Cyclists can also make sure that walkers are aware they are approaching by slowing down and sounding their bell, and it is the same if you’re on foot, if you see a cyclist, give them room to pass by.

Draycote Water forms part of National Route 41 of the National Cycle Network, which is a long distance route that, when complete, will connect Bristol, Gloucester, Stratford-upon-Avon and Rugby.

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