Customers could get 70% off their water bill, or a tailored, personalised priority service from Severn Trent

Monday 25th March 2024

Water company Severn Trent is asking customers to check out it’s Priority Service Register, to make sure anyone who could do with an extra hand, or a tailored personalised service is benefiting.

It’s also encouraging customers to look at what financial help is also available, as they may be able to be eligible for up to 70% off their water bill.

The company is encouraging anyone else to let them know if them, or friends or family, may also benefit.

By making Severn Trent aware, it means additional help can be given to help make things easier for those who need it. The register covers a whole range of circumstances that help Severn Trent provide a personalised service, allowing customers get the service they need in a way that works for them.

It covers changes in life, such as supporting customers through bereavement, or divorce or recovering from a hospital stay. As well as medical conditions such as dementia, chronic, mental or serious illness, as well as those who use dialysis machines or stoma bags, to those who need their bills in a different format and much more.

Customers may also benefit from one of the many affordability schemes it has on offer, where customers may be able to get up to 70% off their bill, benefit from payment plans and even debt support.

Mark Grice, Community Relationship Manager at Severn Trent said: “It’s important to us that our customers get the service and support they need. We know that life is ever changing, and things can come up unexpectedly, which is why our register is a great way of letting us know if anyone needs some extra support. It helps us identify who needs bottled water in a water supply issue due to a medical condition, or who needs their bill in a different format or who is going through a temporary life event should we need to contact them about their account or anything else.

“Our teams are trained to handle all calls confidently, and with sensitivity, so we’d really encourage anyone who may benefit from an extra bit of support, to get in touch as there may be something we can do, or adapt to help make things a little easier.

“We also have additional help financially for people that they may not be aware of they are entitled to, such as up to 70% off, payment plans, support with debt and more.”

Teams at Severn Trent keep the confidential info so in the event of a water supply issue, they can reach out to customers who need to be checked in on, making sure they have what they need. It also means teams calling to discuss bills, or customer accounts, can be made aware of circumstances to help provide extra support, or any sensitivity needed.

People may be eligible for the register, if anyone is:

·         a pensioner

·         deaf or hearing impaired. 

·         blind or have low vision. 

·         unable to read, write or communicate in English. 

·         recovering at home from an operation or hospital treatment

·         going through a bereavement, divorce, redundancy, or other life event 

·         unable to be alone with a stranger.

Has a:

·         permanent or temporary mobility issue 

·         mental health condition

·         any kind of dementia 

·         condition that requires constant or increased water use

·         verbal communication problems 

·         chronic or serious illness 

·         neurodevelopmental condition


·         automated medication 

·         catheter, stoma, or food bag 

·         feeding pump 

·         dialysis machine


For a full list of the criteria available on the list visit: