Coventry CD lover causes sewer nightmare for neighbours

14th January 2019

Most people might download their music these days but at least one person from Coventry is still a lover of CDs, much to the dismay of their neighbours.

A team from Severn Trent was called out to an internal sewer flooding in Stoke Green and the culprit was found to be a CD case that had found its way into the sewers.

Simon Pedley, Warwickshire Waste Manager, said: “We popped a camera into the sewer to see what was causing the problem and couldn’t believe it when we saw that it was a CD case.

“Given the sewer pipe was only about six inches in diameter the case was more than enough to block it, although how it got down there is a bit of a mystery – we can only assume that it went into the highway drain but you never know.

“What we’d say is that only three things should go down your drains – pee, poo and paper – and anything else has the potential to block the pipes and that can lead to sewage getting into your home and your neighbours’ homes, which is just a terrible thing to happen.

“So think about what you flush down your toilet – no wet wipes for example – or put down the sink – definitely no fat as it congeals and can harden to the consistency of concrete.”

The team managed to get the CD case out but it was too far gone to work out what CD it was.

Possible playlist:

  • The Sewers – Sacha Baron Cohen & Hugh Jackman (Les Miserables soundtrack)
  • The Flood – Take That (Progress)
  • Blockage – Fagan (The Acoustic Side of a Dreamer)
  • Blocked – Andy Stott (Merciless)
  • Sewage – Dyman (Infection EP)