Coventry and Warwickshire schools encouraged to learn more about Severn Trent as its Education Team hits the road 

13th November 2023

Schools in Coventry and Warwickshire are being encouraged to discover more about the wonderful world of water as Severn Trent’s Education Team hits the road again after the half term break. 

The water company provides free education workshops and sessions to ensure that children and young people know all about the work that goes into protecting the environment and keeping water clean. 

With the team heading back out across the region, Severn Trent wants to make sure that Coventry and Warwickshire schools sign up to take advantage of the sessions, which are completely free. 

The team of educators are experts in making the sessions interactive, informative and most of all fun, whether they're in person or run through the live stream video option. 

Assemblies can cover everything from the water cycle, the history of clean water, what Severn Trent does and how they make the water so clean, how everyone can help use water more wisely and that only the three P’s - pee, poo and paper - should be put down a toilet.

Maxine Smith, Senior Education Officer at Severn Trent said: “The workshops and assemblies are always a huge amount of fun, as well as being very informative and they are a great way for children to get involved and learn more. 

“The sessions really help youngsters to think about the work that Severn Trent does, where their water comes from and how their actions can go a long way in impacting the environment. 

“We would urge interested schools or parents who would like to get a school involved to get in touch to find out more about the free sessions.” 

Since the start of the financial year, Severn Trent’s Education Team has engaged with 9,251 throughout Coventry and Warwickshire on subjects such as sewer misuse, water efficiency, hydration and the importance of reducing plastic waste.  

Sessions all about Severn Trent’s work are packed full of fun with videos, demonstrations, props, pictures and there’s even a song.  

A spokesperson from Whittle Academy in Coventry, added: “Beth's manner, tone and way that she spoke was tailored perfectly to the age range of the children. She was enthusiastic, fun and engaging whilst remaining professional and informative. I loved the additional props and song - thought this was again, perfect for the age of the children. It has everything you would want from a visitor's assembly - songs, audience participation, comedic moments and lovely hosts :) Thank you so much for coming and visiting us.” 

To book a session or to find out more about the free school workshops or assemblies, visit Severn Trent’s learning zone at