Chester schoolchildren learn about the work that goes in to looking after water and our sewers 

30th November 2023

Super sewers, the world of water and all the gross things found by Severn Trent were discovered by youngsters at a Chester school as part of an interactive and educational day.

Severn Trent’s Education Team paid a special visit to Guilden Sutton C of E Primary School to talk to pupils about the water cycle, sewers and more.

Children took part in an assembly and workshops to find out more about Severn Trent, the work that it does, and they even learned how to create sewer soup.

Chris Harper, Severn Trent Education Officer, said: “It was a pleasure to visit Guilden Sutton C of E Primary School and talk with pupils about the world of water and sewers.

“The sessions really help youngsters to think about the work that Severn Trent does, how their waste is treated and how their actions can go a long way in impacting the environment. 

“We would urge interested schools or parents who would like to get a school involved to get in touch to find out more about the free sessions.” 

Since the start of the financial year, Severn Trent’s Education Team has engaged with 610 pupils in Chester. The team are experts in making the sessions interactive, informative and most of all fun, whether they're in person or run through the live stream video option.  

Assemblies can cover everything from the water cycle, the history of clean water, what Severn Trent does and how they make the water so clean, how everyone can help use water more wisely and that only the three P’s - pee, poo and paper - should be put down a toilet. 

Sessions all about Severn Trent’s work are packed full of fun with videos, demonstrations, props, pictures and there’s even a song.

A spokesperson for Guilden Sutton C of E Primary School said: "The children were enthralled with the activities. It was a great introduction to our topic of the water cycle."

Severn Trent customers in Chester receive a water-only service from the company, with around 100,000 customers in the city and 46,000 households. 

The water treatment works at Boughton, on the outskirts of Chester has been treating water from the River Dee and providing drinking water for the people of Chester for more than 160 years.  

To book a session or to find out more about the free school workshops or assemblies, visit Severn Trent’s learning zone at