Brummies and Nottinghamians lead the way with water saving as Severn Trent donates £1m to local charities

Monday 13th July 2020

Severn Trent set its customers the challenge of saving a daily average of 150 million litres of water and raise £1 million pounds for local charities, after the hot weather at the end of May and into early June saw record levels of demand.

And customers have responded – with a bit of help from the recent wetter and cooler weather – demand dropped from a high of 2.2 billion litres a day, by more than enough to make sure Barnardo’s, Macmillan Cancer Support, Crisis, and local branches of Mind and Age UK will all receive a share of the donation.

Liv Garfield, Severn Trent CEO said: “What a fantastic effort by everyone, but special shout out to people who live in our Central region, who cut their usage by the best part of 20%, and in Nottinghamshire who weren’t all that far behind.

“But the really great news is that, together, everyone’s done enough to make sure our lovely local charities will get hundreds of thousands of pounds in donations to help them with the fantastic work they’re doing in the communities we serve.

“It’s important we all carry on though, we know the cooler weather in June played a big part in how much water was used but, with temperatures starting to heat up again, it’s still really important we carry on doing our bit by using less water.”

Severn Trent launched the challenge after experiencing the driest May in 100 years which, combined with so many people being at home because of the COVID crisis, saw the highest demand for water Severn Trent had ever seen.

Since then the company has also been monitoring usage across its region, with figures showing customers in Birmingham, Nottingham, and Worcestershire and Gloucestershire saving the most water throughout June. 

% change 29thMay-30June*  

  • Central / Bham 17.89%  
  • Cheshire 1.20%  
  • Derbyshire 10.06%  
  • Leicestershire 12.18%  
  • Nottinghamshire 16.09%  
  • Shropshire 5.54%  
  • Staffordshire 7.52%  
  • Warwickshire 11.63%  
  • Worcs & Gloucs 14.17%   

“Even though this charity challenge is over, the real challenge is for everyone to carry on saving water,” adds Liv. “June was rainy and a lot cooler than May so we didn’t see as many jet washers or paddling pools being used. So, when the hot weather returns, we need people to make those simple water saving changes like switching from a hose to a watering can, or reusing your paddling pool water, to help make sure there’s enough water for you and your neighbours for the essential things like drinking and washing.” 

Hugh Sherriffe, Barnardo’s Central, Regional Director said: “We would like to say a huge thank you to Severn Trent and their customers for raising vital funds for Barnardo’s through this water saving initiative. The coronavirus pandemic has had a severe impact on many children and families and Barnardo’s is needed now more than ever to provide support to those who need it most. Whether it be emotional support for people’s mental health and wellbeing or more practical support such as food vouchers or hampers, this donation will have a really positive impact on many children and their families.” 

Some of the top ways you can help save water throughout Summer, include:

• Not using the sprinkler every day; lawns are really resilient and will quickly bounce back to green when it rains again;

• Water the plants with a watering can, instead of a hose – this will help save loads of water, and avoids over-watering them;

• Have fun in your garden but keep an eye on how much you’re using the paddling pool – an average pool uses as much as three people would use in a whole day. So make sure you cover it up with a bed sheet, and reuse it the next day;

• If you’ve got a traditional toilet without the two button flush, order a free Buffaloo from Severn Trent that’ll reduce how much water you use each flush; and• Filthy cars are the new fashion – as long as you’re keeping your windows, mirrors and lights clean maybe your car would like to get a little dirty for a change.

For more information on how to save water, visit to editors 

*Reduction based on average daily reduction from May 29 until the end of June based on demand of 2.2bn litres