Brand new pipes to reduce bursts in Kilby Road, Fleckney

Today, (Monday 2 December), we'll start installing nearly 400 metres of brand new water pipes along Kilby Road, Fleckney. The area’s water pipes have grown old, making them prone to leaks and bursts. To make sure our customers’ taps and toilets keep working, we'll be investing £45,000 to replace them.

Shannon Currall, Community Officer, explains: “As water pipes get old, they can grow weaker leading them to crack or burst, and this stretch of pipe has burst six times in the last ten years.  We want to make sure our customers’ water supply is always there when they need it, and that’s why we’re investing a huge amount of money to lay brand new water pipes in this area.  When pipes burst, it’s an emergency job and we just have to get on and fix them, which is often disruptive for the local community.  We’re going to be replacing the old, brittle, metal pipes with new plastic pipes that are much more reliable, and the work will be planned in a way that gives the local community the least amount of inconvenience.  Then when the work is done, the area will have a modern, reliable water network that will last for generations.

“We appreciate that any work in the roads can cause disruption, however, to keep both our workers and the local community safe, we will need to use traffic lights on Kilby Road, between the junction of Springhill House and Lyndon Lodge Farm while we’re doing the work.

“We’d encourage people to raise any concerns if they feel they’re being affected by our work - we’ll be happy to help with any questions or listen to suggestions. We’ve written to residents and businesses near to the work to explain what we’re doing and why, with contact details for the team if they have any questions.”