Brand new pipes for Rutland

The Uppingham and Oakham areas of Rutland are set to benefit from 25km of brand new water pipes. We are investing £4.5Million in the new pipes to make sure taps and toilets keep working and our customers continue to get a reliable source of wonderful water.

John Pumfrey, explains: “As water pipes get old, they can become weaker and crack, making them prone to leaks and bursts.  We want to make sure our customers’ water supply in the area is always there when they need it, that’s why we’re laying the brand new water pipes. Work has already started in various areas, most recently in Stretton village, but also in Wing, North Luffenham, Lydington, Bisbrooke and Braunston.  We aim to complete all of the work by April 2019.

“We know that our customers know the area much better than we do, so we’ve spent time talking to them about the work we’re doing.  We’ve taken on board their feedback and after hearing their comments, we’ve changed the order in which we are working in Stretton village. We’ll now be working on Clipsham Road with traffic lights, then moving onto Rookery Lane where we will, unfortunately, have to close the road to keep everyone safe.  We’ll be breaking for Christmas so that we don’t get in the way of the festivities, and then we’ll restart in the new year on the final section in Manor Road.”

Elsewhere, work is going really well, and this week will see us finish in Braunston.  Wing and North Luffenham will also be complete by the end of next week.

John added: “This work is really important to make sure that water supplies for our customers are reliable going forward.  We’re doing all we can to help minimise disruption and keep everyone affected up to date with progress, and we’d like to ask the local community for their continued patience while we put the new pipes in place.  But once all of the work is complete, the area will have a modern water network that will provide wonderful water for many years to come.”