Boost biodiversity with a share of £100,000 grant

We are offering local schools, community groups, farmers and landowners and non-governmental organisations a share of £100,000 to support projects that improve biodiversity within the region. 

Zara Turtle, our catchment partnership coordinator, explains that the ‘Severn Trent Boost for Biodiversity’ scheme gives applicants the freedom to come up with their own creative ideas to enhance their local environment.

“The scheme, previously known as Cash for Catchments, now moving into its second year, aims to bring together members of the community in collaboration with us to implement several projects that improve habitats for wildlife and provide environmental, social and economic benefits,” she says.

Get involved

Between 5 April and 31 May 2019, applicants will be invited to submit project proposals that will have a positive impact on the environment by improving biodiversity “Last year’s successful submissions included projects that focused on natural flood management, river restoration, wetland improvements and native species conservation, to name a few,” says Zara.

“The highest scoring applicants will receive funds to support their projects. Following this they’ll have the opportunity to increase their funding by pitching their proposal to a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style panel, at Severn Trent’s head office in Coventry.”

Zara hopes that the scheme will help to make significant improvements within the region and raise awareness of the symbiotic relationship that the environmental biodiversity has with water quality.

Case study - Invasive species management in the river Frome

John Field from Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust was one of last year’s recipients of the funding. He explains how the process worked, and how it has helped to protect the native white-clawed crayfish, from its invasive non-native cousin, the signal crayfish.

“We’ve had real trouble finding funding to help with native crayfish conservation in the past, so we jumped at the chance of this unique scheme, as with this project we could kill two birds
with one stone.

“We applied for £9,000, and we were awarded this plus an additional £4,000 following our pitch. This allowed us to secure a safe habitat for the highly endangered crayfish, at the same
time as improving natural flood management,” he says.

“We’re waiting until the end of the breeding season to find out exactly how successful the project has been, but we’re hoping to roll the conservation programme out to cover a wider area
in the coming months.”

John adds that the Trust couldn’t have completed the project without the funding. “We’re extremely grateful to Severn Trent for its contribution to this project that’s a part of a wider plan
to improve watercourses.”

How to apply:

  • Download and complete the application form available here
  • Submit your application to between 5 April and 31 May 2019
  • Applications will be scored against criteria set out in the full terms and conditions which can be found here
  • The highest scoring applications will be allocated their requested funding
  • These top candidates will then be invited to increase their award by pitching for further funding to enhance their project to a ‘Dragons Den’ style panel