Birmingham students present ideas for saving water and keeping pipes clear of blockages at Severn Trent HQ

Tuesday 25 April

Students from a Birmingham academy have been carrying out research to help Severn Trent tackle two big issues – blocked sewers and saving water.

The group of 25 A-level students from Ark St Alban’s Academy visited the company’s Coventry HQ to present their ideas after spending two months working on ways to educate fellow students about how they use water and get rid of waste.

Adeeba Khalil, from Severn Trent, explains: “We visited the school back in February to set this task and have been checking in with them since then.“It was fantastic to see some of their great ideas during the presentations – including how they would use new social media to educate young people about how to save water and keep sewage pipes free of blockages.

“This is the second year we’ve worked alongside the school and we’re looking forward to running something similar again next year.”

Susan Smith, a teacher from Ark St Alban’s Academy, added: “Students presented ideas to Severn Trent after researching two perennial problems the company faces – sewer misuse and saving water.

“The group carried out extensive research in both areas and worked on possible solutions that could help save Severn Trent the millions of pounds a year they spend on clearing blockages.”