Bilbrook’s Blockage Busters

Monday 9th January 2017

Parents of Bilbrook Middle School children in Codsall can thank Severn Trent for the most valuable present they may have opened on Christmas Day.

The youngsters were gifted with Severn Trent gunk pots following an educational assembly delivered by the water company.

Pupils and staff were taught about the history of sewers and why looking after the waste network is so important. Community relationship advisor Richard Clough, who delivered the assembly, said: “I’m sure any parents who unwrapped a gunk pot for Christmas would have been delighted! This little gadget can help protect your property from being flooded, all by simply putting your fats, oils and greases in the pot rather than down the sink. “

With normality setting in after the Christmas period, the last thing anyone wants is a late present of sewage in their home. So we also discussed the three P’s – that only paper, poo and pee should be put in the loo – and shared hints and tips to help keep the pipes flowing.“

The kids of Bilbrook now understand why it’s so important for us to look after our waste pipes and now know of the consequences of putting the wrong things down our sewers,” said Richard “Sewer flooding can be devastating, so delivering this message is really significant as we look to educate future generations.”

Millions of pounds of damage is caused each year by sewer flooding that can sometimes be prevented by making small changes. Reducing the number of blockages helps keep costs down, which allows Severn Trent to continue to have the lowest average combined customer bills in the UK.

“Teaching children about our waste network is really important, learning good habits now will benefit themselves and others for the future,” said Richard. “We want them to help us spread these important messages, and to remember that a Severn Trent gunk pot is for life, not just for Christmas!”

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