Severn Trent start work connecting customers to sewers.

Severn Trent is due to start work in early January connecting customers to a new sewer system in Beeby.

The company will be installing just under a mile of new sewer pipes in the Leicestershire village, along with a new waste treatment facility, connecting the village to the mains sewers for the first time.

Graham Robinson from Severn Trent said: “We have a duty to look after our environment and water courses and doing this work will allow our customers to be connected directly to our sewers. We can take away their waste properly and treat it responsibly, so protecting the environment and also making sure customers no longer have to manage their own waste, as we’ll do it for them.”

Severn Trent working partner’s North Midland Nomenca Construction will be carrying out this work which is due to be complete in April 2017.

“We want to cause as little disruption as possible as we work, so we’ll be using a special technique to install the sewer under the crossroads in the village that doesn’t involve us having to do a traditional dig. But, to keep our teams and other road users safe, we’ll be having to use traffic lights and will be closing Main Street as we connect the homes to our new pipes in the New Year,” said Graham.

“We’re really sorry if this causes any inconvenience but this work is vital to both protect the environment and also to get local people connected to our sewerage system.”

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