98 apprentices set to kickstart their careers at Severn Trent!

Tuesday 19th September 2023

Severn Trent has been busy welcoming 98 new apprentices into the mix, with its second biggest ever intake of new talent into the business.

The apprentices have spent the last three weeks being inducted, understanding the business and meeting people across the region before taking up their roles across 25 different programmes.

It comes as applications for 2024 are already open for its next intake of apprenticeship programmes, ready for anyone looking to kick start their careers in the world of water and who can join the new 98 apprentices that joined this month.

It supports Severn Trent’s ongoing commitment to building the skills of the next generation and providing meaningful employment opportunities across the Midlands, where earlier this month it also created 300 jobs across its waste side of the business.

Jade Pearson, New Talent Lead at Severn Trent says she’s seen a positive rise in apprenticeships, and the importance of creating varied opportunities for people. “Our programmes are just going from strength to strength. It’s really encouraging to see more people are now opting for routes like apprenticeships as it gives them hands on learning, while earning a wage.

“Our apprentice intake back in 2020 was around 45 people, and over the last two years we’ve supported over 180 people coming into the business, bringing fresh ideas and approaches while helping us to adapt and evolve – which is key in an industry like this.”

Mary-Jane Ajah, New Talent Co-ordinator who’s been busy inducting the new groups says apprentices get a great head start “Part of the induction not only allows the apprentices to get to know one another but spend valuable time networking and meeting people right across the business. It’s daunting feeling like the newbie to any kind of job, so this really helps ease a lot of them in before they take on the role fully.”

Severn Trent’s apprentice programme this year features over 25 programmes including Environmental, HR, Cyber Security, Finance and Commercial apprenticeships alongside the engineering and technical programmes expected for a water company.

For the first time this year the company has a Commercial Sales apprenticeship that Libby, 18 is just about to begin, she says, “I knew that Uni wasn’t for me and I wanted to get experience, with the guarantee of a job at the end of it if I pass. With Uni you don’t have that and can end up in a lot of debt and no job, so that’s why I applied, and I’m excited to be the first group on this particular course.”

Severn Trent says its apprenticeships are available for anyone, at any stage of their career and doesn’t ask for anyone’s age when applying. James, 28 who’s joining the company on its supply pipes replacement programme was a landscaper for six years, “Taking on this apprenticeship is giving me the chance to get a steady, stable career. I’ve had lots of different jobs across number of industries areas, but this course will help me develop and carve a career out at Severn Trent.”

Helping the new apprentices settle in and give first hand advice was Holly Thomson, 20, who has just finished her apprenticeship. Like the others, University wasn’t for her and she’s now moved onto her permanent role as a Water Network Technician, and will be mentoring one of the new apprentices. “My advice to the new apprentices is to get stuck in and put the effort in. It’s important to remember the learning part, and not just the work side, as new and exciting that bit is. Keep on top of it and be curious. It’s all worth it in the end, and there’s loads of opportunities here if you want them.”

Severn Trent’s apprenticeships allow people the chance to learn and earn, and if they successfully pass, are guaranteed a job at the FTSE 100 company.

At the moment, there’s over 190 apprentices on their programmes at various stages, all working to bring new innovative ideas to the company and helping to deliver for it’s 8m customers.

Jade continues, “Apprentices really do help to shape everything we do and their passion and enthusiasm is what makes a difference. They help keep things fresh and innovative and it’s important that we continue to provide opportunities for people in our communities and building critical skills, who will in turn provide the best for our customers.”

For more information about what’s available and to find out how to kick start a career at Severn Trent, visit severntrent.com/careers.