‘Watch what you flush’ on World Toilet Day

Tuesday 17th November

It’s World Toilet Day on Thursday (19 November) and Severn Trent is asking its customers to remember to ‘watch what you flush’ to keep sewage pipes clear.

Severn Trent’s sewer blockages lead, Grant Mitchell, explained: “World Toilet Day is a reminder to us all that there are still over 2 billion people around the world without access to a working toilet. We’re extremely fortunate to have an amazing sanitation system in this country, but we need our customers to help us avoid blockages in the sewers by only flushing the 3Ps – pee, poo and paper.

“We are called out to thousands of blockages across the region each year - many caused by items that shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet, including wipes, sanitary products, nappies and cotton buds. We need customers to be aware of this because if they do flush anything other than the 3Ps there’s a chance it could result in sewer flooding in their home, which is the last thing that anyone would want to experience.

“It’s also really important to remember that homeowners are responsible for the pipes on their property, so if a problem does arise they will need to get a plumber to fix it.

“So our simple message on this World Toilet Day is to appreciate the sewer system we have and to watch what you flush to help us keep sewage pipes clear!”

Over the next five years, Severn Trent will be working with its charity partner WaterAid, a supporter of World Toilet Day, to help bring access to self-sufficient and clean water supply, as well as decent toilets, to over 100,000 people living in the Southwest region of Bangladesh. As part of the project, the water company will fund vital works to install and renovate toilet facilities to provide safely managed sanitation for all.

If you do run into problems, either with slow drains or a blocked sewer which is Severn Trent’s responsibility you can report it at or by calling 0800 783 4444.