Severn Trent upgrades pipework in Matlock 

20th March 2023

Severn Trent is delivering an £860,000 pipe renewal programme in Matlock.

The company is replacing over 1.6km of aging water pipes in the town, ensuring a more resilient and reliable network that can meet both current and future demands. 

This project is part of a wider £3.1 million of works scheduled to take place across Derbyshire, which will see 6.5km of water main replaced and a new pump system installed to eradicate low-pressure issues in the area. 

Timothy Ip from Severn Trent, said: “Our network serves our customers and communities well, however as pipes age they can develop faults which can lead to water quality or supply issues that can affect our customers. We’re aware that there have been some issues in this area and have brought forward this part of our pipe renewal programme to make sure that everyone has a more resilient and reliable supply of water. 

“By replacing older pipes, we’re addressing current issues and futureproofing out network to meet the demands of population growth and climate change which can put additional pressure on the network.”

Due to the location of the pipes, some traffic management measures will be necessary to keep teams and road users safe at all times, while maintaining access to homes, shops and businesses.  

Works are expected to be completed by July.  

For more information and to follow the progress of the works, visit and search for Matlock.