“Gulp!” comes to Warwick

In an age of climate change, and with weather patterns changing, we all need to think about water resources and what each of us can do to use a little less.  The Bone Ensemble, with help from us, has found a new and different way to do just this, and this week it’s coming to Warwick.

They have created Gulp! - a theatre production which follows a child’s journey as she explores the beauty and challenges of water in an age of environmental change.  The production is created especially for families and young people and uses sound, music, physical actions and lots of water onstage including water.  

And with some financial help from us, Gulp is currently on tour across the country, coming to Warwick Arts Centre this Sunday (2 February).

Carol Bloor, Senior Community Communications Officer, explains: “We were looking for a way to engage children with messages of how to appreciate the water that we have, and what you can do to use a little less.  And when we found the The Bone Ensemble were looking to produce a play about water, we couldn’t believe how perfect it was, and we just had to get involved.

Not only will Gulp! share messages about how to save water, it’ll also help customers understand that no matter where your water comes from, it’s always great!”

The tour started at the MAC in Birmingham at the end of September, and is now making it’s way across the country.  So if you can’t make it to the show on Sunday, look out for it elsewhere and come see the show!

Working in this industry-first collaboration with us, the University of Birmingham, the Arts Council and the Environment Agency, Gulp! uses the power of theatre to help audiences consider the consequences of their actions and make informed choices.  It’s suitable for children age 7+ and accessible to d/Deaf, hearing and non-English speaking audiences.

Full tour dates can be found here.