a lady drinking a glass of water
Tap water
From boreholes to rivers, Southern Gloucestershire to mid Wales and all the way up to Peak district - we obtain our water from a wide variety of sources. Every drop is then treated with the care and attention it demands to ensure it’s safe to use and delicious to drink.

About your water

Where your water comes from

From the deepest depths

A third of your drinking water comes from groundwater, which is the same as most bottled water. To access this natural source we have a host of sandstone aquifers across the Midlands.

Put simply, an aquifer is underground layer of rock, gravel or sand, that water filters through. These large aquifers are boosted by smaller ones in the Cotswolds and Derbyshire area.

We then drill boreholes hundreds of metres into the ground to reach this naturally filtered water. After years of being slowly filtered through the rock layers, the pumped groundwater needs very little treatment.

Once it’s pumped to the surface, it's extremely close to your wonderfully clear water from your taps that we all know and love. 

To the highest peaks

The remaining two thirds of your drinking water comes from rivers and reservoirs in lowland and upland areas like the Peak District.

As the water drains from moorland, farmland and urban areas, it needs more treatment than groundwater to make sure it's as wonderful for you to enjoy.

We work with local farmers to help reduce the levels of pesticides and nutrients they use so that it doesn't end up in your water supply or local rivers.

So you can rest easy knowing that we work hard to ensure your drinking water is safe, clean and delicious every single day.