Stop the block

Protect your home from costly blockages and be a binner, not a blocker.

If you go down to the sewer today...

You might find a garden shed, laminate flooring, underwear, false teeth or a tyre…

Our team find lots of weird things down in the sewers. But what’s the worst thing they find? Wet wipes.

We remove bags of them from sewers every single week.

Flushing wet wipes clogs up the pipes. That could mean sewage flooding back into your garden and home. Horrible.

So please, protect your home and neighbourhood from flooding by following the tips below and being a binner, not a blocker:

Top tips for the bathroom

Changing some of your bathroom habits will help keep your toilet in tip-tap shape and your shower's stress free: 

Sewer Stories as told by…

When it comes to toilet talk our team have seen it all.

So here with the scoop straight from the sewers and myth busting from the manholes are: Damien, Kirsty, Fran, Jaydan and Leighton. The team deal with drain blockages every day, and have seen first-hand the horrors unflushables can cause in homes…

Unflushables fighter, Fran

Proud poo pusher, Kirsty

Blockage busting brothers, Leighton and Jaydan

Wet wipe warrior, Damien

The bottom line? All wipes are unflushable

Even the ones labelled as biodegradable or “Fine to Flush”.

None of them breakdown in the sewer and can cause blockages in the network, and flooding in your home.

And if we all flushed ‘just one’, there would be nearly 8 million of them causing blockages in our pipes.

So whether you’re using them to remove make-up or taking care of spills and sploshes, once you’re done, please pop them in the bin, not down the loo. 

Other ways to protect your home…

It’s not only wet wipes and sanitary products that can cause a problem in your home, in the kitchen fats, oils and grease can cause big problems too. 

Top tips for the kitchen

We have some simple ways you can prevent blockages to keep your popes clear and waste water flowing freely.

Check out our Hall of Shame of all the things we’ve found down the sewers recently…

What we’re doing to help…

We take blockages extremely seriously.

We have a dedicated team working to improve and protect our network.

Over the next five years (2025 - 2030), we’re going to spend £12.9 billion on running our day-to-day business and making improvements for customers and the environment.

Let’s work together to stop the block and keep our water flowing.

Extra protection for your home

If the worst does happen, you need to know there is someone reliable you can contact to help.