Help when you need it

Everyone needs a bit of extra help from time to time. Whether it’s help understanding your bill, making sure we know how to support you during a supply interruption, or finding the right solution to help you pay what you can afford, we have a range of solutions that can help.

Our Vulnerability Strategy

We are committed to helping you when you need it. Our plans and commitments have been shared with Ofwat and CCW. You can read our detailed plans for the next 5 years and what we’re committed to, or you can read our customer summary publication by clicking below.

However you need to read your bill, we can help. Different languages, braille, audio, large print – we’re here to make things clear and easy for you.

We’re on your side. And we’ve got partnerships with lots of other organisations who can help you too, like other utility companies, your local authority, DWP and charities.

How do you want to pay your bill? We’ve got lots of options to make it easy for you. And you can split your bill to make it more manageable if you like.

If you're unsure about something on your bill, or English is your second language, there are ways we can help you.

We're currently helping more than 250,000 customers a year with our financial assistance schemes. But we know every story is different, and that’s why our team want to work with you to understand the support that you need.

If you'd like to talk to us face to face, find out when our team is next in an area near you.

Additional services

Registering for Priority Services means you can also receive access to additional services, including doorstep security, alternative bill formats, and you can appoint someone to manage your account on your behalf.

Be sure that only Severn Trent authorised technicians are in your home. Call us to set up a secure password – then every time we visit, you’ll know it’s us.

We understand some of our customers need someone to help them manage their account. That’s where our nominee scheme helps remove the stress. 

If you depend on your water supply more than most, or if you’d struggle to get bottled water in an emergency, let us know. If there’s a local disruption, we’ll deliver bottled water to your door.

The supply pipe belongs to you and can be a costly repair if it leaks. But if you’re on our Priority Services Register, we’ll carry out free repairs – keeping your home’s water flowing.

More ways we can help

If you have a problem with your water or wastewater services, let us know and we'll try to get your issue solved as quickly as we can.

You can check your area or see any live incidents to see if we're already aware of your problem.

If you still need to report your issue to us, simply select Report a problem and answer a few questions. Please be as accurate as you can, so our team have everything they need to know before they try to resolve the problem.

If you need to let us know that someone has dies, we want to make the process as easy as possible for you.

There are several ways you can tell us that somebody has died. You can: 

Whichever way you choose to inform us, our team will handle it with great care.

Your water bill may vary depending on the services you receive from us, whether you have a water meter or your charges are based on your home's rateable value.

Your water bill covers more than just the cost of cleaning the water you use and the waste water we take away.

Help in the community

We also offer more support to business and individuals to help them further their careers, look after their wellbeing, or improve where they live.

We're here if you need us

If you've looked through our options and can't find one that meets your needs, get in touch with us and we'll be more than happy to help.