Legacy forests

Help create our 2022 Commonwealth Games legacy forests

Contributing your land to the Legacy or host a Tiny Forest

Legacy Forests: We want to begin creating the forest before the Games open, in summer 2022. To plant the trees for these forests, we need help from landowners to make suitable land available. We’re not looking to buy the land, we’re simply looking for people who would like to contribute or donate their land to this community project.

Tiny Forests: We're looking school or local groups to host a small forest on your school site or community space and help to us plant these trees, working with our nature partners.

Ready to get involved?

If you’d like to contribute or host some of your land and play a part in creating these special forests, simply fill in your details and enrol your land and a member of our Forest Delivery Team will contact you within 72 hours of registering, to chat about how we can work together. You can also get in contact with us via the email address on this page to ask any questions you might have.

Be part of something special by planting trees for your community

We're also looking for willing volunteers to help us plant our 2022 acres of Legacy Forest (located across the Midlands)