Severn Trent Commonwealth Forests

Woodland creation for farmers and landowners

Plant trees on your land without the hassle of management.

Biodiversity net gain

We will also set each site up with a Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) baseline assessment, which will help landowners attain biodiversity credits from local authorities or property developers, in line with the Environment Bill.

These could be worth approximately £24,710/ha of new woodland created, for 30 years, subject to purchaser's requirements.

Estimated figures

These are the estimated figures of the full monetary value of a tree planting project with Severn Trent. They are based on a desk based assessment of a 20 hectare site.

The income streams exclude any potential income for any future Environmental Land Management (ELM) payment for woodland management.

Income stream Income for a 20 hectare site 
Premium payment from Severn Trent (year 1-10)  £40,000 over 10 years 
Biodiversity net gain potential (year 1-30)  £80,000 over 30 years 
Potential Carbon Credits (year 35-50)  £308,460 - Based on current Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy predicted values
Potential income over 50 year period  £428,460 (£21,423 per hectare)

Each proposed site has different tree growing potential and biodiversity gain potential.

The success of these green spaces will rely on the right trees being planted in the right place.

The table should provide an indicator of potential income, subject to passing additionality calculators.

Be part of something special by volunteering to plant trees in your community