How we manage incidents

When things go wrong, our teams respond immediately to make sure your service gets back to normal as quickly as possible.

2 billion litres!

That’s how much clean drinking water Severn Trent supplies each day. Enough water to fill 17,000 baths, every minute of every hour.

We work 24/7, and 365 days of the year to make sure all this wonderful water gets to where it's needed. However, all sorts of things can get in our water's way:

Whatever has happened, we need to fix it quickly. So as soon as we know about an issue, we’re on the case whether that be on site or behind the scenes.

Starting the repair

There can be all sorts of things for our engineers to deal with. Breaking the ground can be tough - especially if it's in the road.

And we must be careful not to make a bad situaion worse.

We’re not the only ones with stuff buried underground. Sometimes we need our friends from the gas or electricity companies to help make things safe.

After the repair

If you've been affected by a local repair, it can be common to experience a change in your water colour, or find that there's air in your pipes.

Don't worry, we have lots of helpful information on what to do if you experience any water quality issues.