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Trade Effluent - Meter readings

Trade Effluent consent normally requires equipment to be installed that will measure the flow.

If you're discharging this effluent into the sewer system, you are responsible for installing and maintaining that equipment.

You'll need to complete the private meter form if you're installing a new meter, replacing an existing meter or think you might have a faulty private meter

The data we get each time you provide a meter reading allows us to regularly review consents and make sure that public health, our operations and the environment are protected.

For help in getting the coordinates, please visit Grid Reference Finder 

Please upload your meter read file with the following information: 

  • Meter (Make/Model)
  • Meter Serial Number
  • Meter Location (GIS X) (if known)
  • Meter Location (GIS Y) (if known)
  • Meter Location Description (if known)
  • Meter Reading - Please provide zeros and black/white numbers, but not red/white
  • Date of Read

You can download our template to complete and attach. 

Attach meter read file