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Alterations to a property

If you have altered your household premises (or are planning to do so), it is important that you let us know. If your request relates to a business premises, please refer to your Retailer who must submit this request..

If you are not the individual named on Severn Trent Water bills to this property, we might contact you to provide evidence (such as a planning application) that you are acting on behalf of the tenant, landlord or owner.

Work that has taken place

Including address details for all properties involved both prior to, and following all alterations. We also need to know what the property is now used for. If its use has changed from commercial to domestic, or vice versa.

If yes, please provide any application number you have, as this will help us to deal with your query.

We will securely retain details you provide to us. Please see our Data Protection and Privacy Policy for more details. If you submit this form to us we may use the information throughout the organisation.

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